Welcome to Litchardon Cross Solar Energy Park

On 28 April 2021, North Devon Council granted planning permission for a solar energy park on land at Litchardon Cross in North Devon.

The Litchardon Cross project is owned and will be operated by the Infinis Group. This website provides the project background, outlines work in progress and expected next steps, and gives you the option to contact us with any questions.

Our employees and the local communities which surround our sites are key stakeholders in our business. Listening, responding to, and supporting these communities is a foundation of Infinis' success.

Latest news

Regular updates will appear in this section to keep you informed. This will provide insight into the build stages and construction progress, as well as our commitments to a considerate approach to construction.

If you have any questions in the meantime, please contact us.

5 December 2022

Framework assembly begins

Piling works have continued across site and the team has started to assemble the mounting framework for the solar panels. Progress is being made with the internal site tracks and substation.

A road sweeping programme has also been introduced at the entrance to the site and adjacent public highway.

24 October 2022 

Piling works commencing

Piling work is about to start on site. These piles will form the foundation of the solar park. Once installed, they will secure the solar tables and panels to the ground.

Civil works around the substation are also progressing, along with installation of the perimeter fencing. 

26 Sept 2022 

Solar park construction set to start

Construction of the solar park will start shortly. This includes works to improve site access, install temporary construction compounds, and add temporary site offices and welfare facilities.

Extra traffic signage has been placed around the area to ensure that construction traffic follows the approved access route into site.

28 July 2022

Site preparations to start

Site preparation work will start at the new solar energy park from Monday 1 August 2022. This work will prepare the site for deliveries and vehicles, ready for the construction phase later this year.

The preparations will require a small team of people on-site and related traffic movement as agreed in the planning conditions. Signage will be put up to direct site traffic along the approved A39 access route and notify road users.

Full construction is expected to start in late September 2022.  

14 May 2021

Litchardon Cross planning application approved

The solar energy park planning application, reference number 71708, was granted approval at North Devon Council's Planning Committee meeting on Wednesday 28 April 2021 and received unanimous consent.

28 July 2020

Solar planning application submitted

Aura Power submitted the planning application to North Devon Council.

About Us

The Infinis Group is a leading UK renewable energy generator with a portfolio of more than 150 operational energy generation sites, producing over 1,400 GWh of electricity to local communities across the UK.

Infinis generates renewable power from captured landfill methane and solar energy parks developed on both former landfill sites and new sites such as Litchardon Cross.

Infinis operations deliver a positive impact towards climate change, by capturing and converting more than 400,000 tonnes of methane into electricity and generating renewable solar electricity, preventing and displacing more than an equivalent of 6 million tonnes of carbon dioxide.

Positive impact

Infinis is committed to building strong relationships and being a good neighbour and employer at all the sites we operate from.

We believe in 'giving back'. Our team has provided funds and support to more than 150 local and UK charities. We also have an ongoing volunteering programme that provides practical support to organisations in need.

Before construction commences later this year, we would welcome your thoughts on how we can support the community around this site. Please contact us with any suggestions.

Our Vision

About the Project

Litchardon Cross solar energy park will export clean energy to the local grid network, generating enough electricity to power 12,700 homes. This clean energy source will be displacing 15,800 tonnes of CO2 emissions compared to traditional fossil fuelled non-locally sourced grid energy.

The annual equivalent of this is:
  • Removing 5,428 average cars (driving 15,000 miles a year) from the road; or 
  • The carbon captured by over 500,000 tree seedlings grown for 10 years.  
This project will contribute significantly towards the UK’s efforts for decarbonisation and security of energy supplies, providing a positive impact towards climate change, as well as delivering a Biodiversity Net Gain of at least 34% through landscape and ecological enhancements. This includes new woodland, hedgerow and grassland habitat, plus foraging opportunities for birds and other wildlife.

The organically managed, species-rich wildflower meadow grassland will be excellent for local butterflies and bees. Resting the land will also help restore soil quality for when the site returns to agricultural use at the end of the solar farm’s temporary consent.



Construction Updates

The programme for construction of the site is being developed and will be summarised on this website when ready. Throughout construction we will provide a regular update on progress and what you can expect to see over the coming months.

Details of how the construction stage will be managed in a safe, considerate, and environmentally responsible way will be set out in documents to be provided to North Devon Council as part of the Discharge of Conditions process. 

During the construction stage, site manager contact details will be made available so that any concerns or day-to-day questions can be answered. 

Contact Us

Your questions and feedback are very important to us. You can contact our team using any of the methods below.

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